frankgallucci missoni
White and beige
21 April 2016
tie frankgallucci
What about your tie…??
15 May 2016
frankgallucci missoni


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Photo by ChillaxingRoad


Blu as minimum denominator of an outfit in which I mixed different patterns: denim, cachemire, cotton, wool….About the chromatic point of view everything is on point because the suede brown of the shoes are perfectly matched with the brown of the belt and the white sole of the shoes and the white shirt as well… The rest is just a variation of blue!! The most important piece of today is the bomber by MISSONI  in suede that has a special process on the back which characterizes the missonian style; two very wide and deep pockets on the front of the bomber mean that in addition to the aesthetics you wink also to the functionality.

Unfortunately I see many people currently approved and I wish there was a little more originality although I can understand that there is difficulty because the world of fashion and style are so fast and it is very difficult to invent something new.


Frank Gallucci