Paris like home
20 October 2016
frankgallucci pfw
Paris fashion week 2016 day 2
25 October 2016
frankgallucci paris rayban


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Photo by Ivan Marianelli & Stefano Coletti



Paris fashion week, day 2…

This time almost a touch and go: two days only and then back to Milan for a new project.

Giorgio Merlino and I decide not to take the plane in order to spend 8-9 hours together in the car chatting but mainly because I wanted to enjoy the beautiful landscape on the border between France and Italy…the city, incredibly beautiful as usual, welcomes us in the best way because it is exactly at the sunset that the Parisian allure comes out. The majesty of its buildings and its monuments or its boulevards is emphasized by the reflection of street lamps or by the tiny streets illuminated by the glare of the cafes.

The day after we set the alarm early…breakfast on the terrace of the apartment that we chose and then off we go among the city streets which are full of joy because of the enormous sun above our heads. The only appointments that I had were two fashion shows and a mini – project to finish so, after finishing both things, I had enjoyed as usual to walk into the wonderful Parisian setting…I walk for km and km; there are certain realities in the world which are meant to be lived differently avoiding stereotypes; walking without a real destination, stopping at strange corners to admire certain squares which are not the already known ones, taking inspiration by entering in some tiny vintage stores, getting lost until you have to activate Google Maps in order to come back!!

For the outfit, today I chose a linen and cotton striped suit because the weather allowed it, making it more casual by choosing a tee shirt and sneakers.


Frank Gallucci