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Street-style Pitti 91
30 January 2017
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Pitt 91 day 3
31 January 2017
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Also the second day is polar cold compared to the temperatures we are used to in Italy. As usual, I leave the apartment early in the morning to enjoy a city not yet contaminated by tourists and noises which will be wrapping it in the next hours: breakfast in Piazza della Signoria where croissant and cappuccino only adorn a cinematographic scenery which this city reserves to us…the roaring silence of the morning is opposite to the chaotic beauty for which this square is renowned: probably, when they decided to build this corner of Paradise, they were so forward looking that they understood that time here would have stopped and that any thing that would have happened here would have been on the background, because in this “L” – shaped square, the supreme masters will always be two gentlemen named Michelangelo and Donatello. After my 45 minutes spent in Paradise, I walk towards the Fortezza da Basso which is preparing for its most crowded day. Today I put my focus on a “Made in Italy” company for which I am proud to work for during the kermesse: Cruciani.

Many are used to relate the Cruciani brand to the famous bracelets which have been and keep on being very popular around the world, but the truth is that Cruciani is born as a company making fabrics and cachemire and only in a second time (considered very successful) it turned towards a diversification strategy into the bracelets branch. My choice regarding the garments to wear is related to two different fabrics: the white cachemire turtleneck which works as a starting point for the outfit and the ice gray sweater jacket with three patch pockets. With these two very light colors I couldn’t complete the look without using a tonal color palette, so the white trousers give continuity to the turtleneck, the grey socks match the jacket with the beige coat closing in a proper way this chromatic ensemble.


Frank Gallucci


Turtleneck – Jacket – Bracelet by CRUCIANI

Sunglasses by PERSOL