Fast Forward
28 September 2015
Letasca mania
8 October 2015
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Photo by Eleonora Proietti


The third and last day of Pitti, instead, is marked by light colors which recall summer!

An suit entirely made of cotton, designed exclusively for me by the “Master” Santo Barillà. I want to point out that usually Santo’s lapels are quite wider and I say so because they are one of his key features; yet in this occasion we decided together to reconsider them by a couple of centimeters….the jacket is deconstructed yet fully lined!! Trousers have a high waistband with a deep pleat which makes them look slightly wider in the upper part.

my suggestion concerning trousers with double pleats is to create them (if made to measure) or to buy them more comfortable in the seat area, because a tight pair of trousers would open the pleats and this wouldn’t look nice on this noble piece of clothing!! In order to give a fresh touch to the outfit, I chose a shirt from ” an italian theory ” by Alessandro Enriquez which perfectly blends with the main color of the suit!! The shoes complete everything with a chromatic harmony, entirely made in Italy by a well known shop which produces them in Tuscany, one of the most productive districts for shoes!!

For the second day of this highly celebrated event and matched with the grayish sky which accompanied us, I chose a three piece suit with a Prince of Wales pattern in a linen-cotton blend…(maybe I am one of the few people who like the wrinkled look of linen after it has been worn, but sincerely I don’t mind the way some brand mix it with cotton to improve the fiber resistance!! Under this kind of suit color I recommend you to wear dark brown only, since black would make everything look too strict!!



I wear:

Suit by Santo Barillà

Shirt by 10×10 an italian theory

Sunglasses by Viveursunglasses

Ring by Progetto Fede

Bracelet limited edition by Pepperchocolate

Watch by Bulova