Letasca mania
8 October 2015
Pitti denim
9 October 2015


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Photo by Eleonora Proietti


For the second day of this highly celebrated event and matched with the grayish sky which accompanied us, I chose a three piece suit with a Prince of Wales pattern in a linen-cotton blend…(maybe I am one of the few people who like the wrinkled look of linen after it has been worn, but sincerely I don’t mind the way some brand mix it with cotton to improve the fiber resistance!! Under this kind of suit color I recommend you to wear dark brown only, since black would make everything look too strict!!

Then, to add some color and movement to the suit, which by itself is a little static due to its Prince of Wales pattern, I’ve worn a paisley tie with some vivid colors which could blend with the created outfit!!


I Wear:

Shirt by Santillo

Bracelet by Pepperchocolate

Sunglasses by Leisure-Society

Ring by Progetto Fede

Shoes Made to measure

Greetings from Italy