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6 June 2016
frankgallucci pittiuomo90
Pitti uomo 90 day 2
30 June 2016
frankgallucci pittiuomo90


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Photo by Stefano Coletti / Ivan Marianelli


Florence, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world is always ready to welcome countless people for the most important event about the style: Pitti uomo. A place where you can find old friends who live beyond the ocean or at least a place in which a mixture of styles blends in three days of June …. Older style guru come here to give light to the collections previously drawn which are put on their stand and the important and beautiful thing is that everyone can ask directly to them whatever they want; Pitti means human contact .

For the first day I kept focusing on the classic as well as you can see in the pictures;  a comfortable suit with volumes that reminescent Neapolitan tailoring; a pinstripe suit made by a private tailor, in a light wool so that it can be worn during the spring/summer season: the jacket has a very wide lapels, a totally deconstructed shoulder obviously  hand made that has a hint of curl (deliberately not so pompous because of me) with two buttons and a single buttonhole at the end of the two sleeves. The very comfortable trousers especially in the sitting for the presence of one pleat is characterized by a very high with the classic 5-cm waistband with lacing of the lateral buttons life. To complete my look I chose my beloved company Barbanera with their model named “Sperelli” a full brogue oxford in black calf/black suede.




Made to measure suit / Leisure society sunglasses / Barbanera shoes



Frank Gallucci