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18 August 2017
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Venice Film Festival 2017
5 September 2017
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Photo by ChillaxingRoad



Pitti uomo 92 day 3.

For the last day of Pitti uomo 92 finally arrives the entire suit with tie.

An ice grey suit in light wool matched with a button-down washed denim shirt. As you can notice, the collar short is unbuttoned and I can say that I definitely prefer it in this way: when the collar is perfectly buttoned-up, it’s more rigid and static so it’s more appropriate for a bank or finance environment. With light colors like grey and denim I always suggest a dark tie to make a great contrast in terms of elegance and chromatic harmony. The tie-knot is easy just with one twist leaving the back a little longer than the front one: italian style. The suede blue moccasin closes the total outfit.


Frank Gallucci