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13 October 2015
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Progetto Fede was born after an idea of its current founders and owners Luca and Aldo. Tied by a brotherly friendship since they were eight years old, their lives have always traveled in a parallel way. I wanted specifically to face this interview in a more relaxed way because Luca is one of those people who makes you feel at ease and I think that this is a real gift and the trait that distinguishes the common man from the true gentleman.

For many reasons, Luca explains, we have travelled a lot both for working and personal leisure reasons; we have always been attracted by foreigner cultures, in fact both of us have lived for a long period in Russia, reason for which we do talk their language quite well. For those of you who don’t know Luca, you have to know that he is the kind of atypical guy, with a well defined personality under all points of view and not only from a character only point of view. Luca continues our talk by explaining that he wanted to share something other than friendship with his best friend for a long time: at the age of 17, during a journey to Greece, we decided to join our forces towards a common project that lied outside from the present one: it was a Rock Pub located on the shore of the Italian Romagna region…

10 unforgettable years at the end of which we decided to turn our creativity on Progetto Fede. After my question regarding the actual tendency of the market in their branch, Luca gives me an answer that perfectly catches my way of facing life, which is: there are certainly some difficulties in the development of the project, but we keep on going on because we are dreamers, and life without dreams wouldn’t have the same taste…how couldn’t I agree with him!!

Exactly from the concept of faith the project itself gets its name, intended not in a religious way, but more as the ability and will to believe in something, by carrying it on with passion and intent. As we previously said, at the moment PF is still a starting up business. The distinctive trait today is certainly the research, of raw and basic materials, such as metals (silver, brass, copper) or stones (hard or semi precious) for jewels, and ethnic carpets or fabrics mixed with the most natural leathers for bags. Creations which are born from our fantasy with the precious collaboration of artisanal masters which work with us. The final result is something unusual and chic at the same time, not necessarily identifiable with our origins. We are absolutely proud of being Italian, since for many aspects, especially related with fashion, art and culture our country is second to none. Yet, in this specific case we tend to feel ourselves more cosmopolites. We consider the travelers influences of our past as an additional value and resource. Maybe also for this reason at the moment would be restrictive to speak of our Project as made in Italy. The influences that can be felt on our objects are to be found in our journeys, into the music we’ve always loved (Rock’n’Roll), in the iconographic concepts of the various religions that we’ve encountered, all elements that in our opinion complete and frame in some way the concept of modern Dandy. One of the most exciting aspects of what we do is given by the chance to meet people from every part of the world, open minded and with a precise desire to see “over the image”. From these meetings we directly draw from a melting pot of cultures, styles and ways of thinking which we would have hardly found “at our home”.