From Rome with Love
5 December 2016
Dinner-Gala Pirelli Calendar 2017
6 December 2016


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Photo by Andrea Menin of ChillaxingRoad


Location: my apartment…

Situation: relaxing at home with a friend and when we were doing a research on kinda style about ’30s, he opened my closet and finding this cardigan, said: “very nice, but I find it hard to match in my daily… ”

From here I was inspired to create a match note worthly, possibly expendable for a working day. (I refer clearly to an environment not strictly rigid and confined to a dress code that requires the classic suit).

Starting from such a colored base of the cardigan, the rest has to be very quiet, so a dark denim plays the role of the actor in a Supporting Role. Why the choice of the gray ??? Because it is the color that stands out with elegance without giving too force between cardigan and denim shirt/trousers.

In the end, the trousers with raw cut. Yes the raw cut does’t contemplate a precise refinement of the trousers and gives it a less set up tone, less strict and more versatile..It’s suggested a length just above the ankle.





Frank Gallucci