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15 November 2016
21 November 2016
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Photo by Matteo Bianchessi


Stockholm 29-30-31 August 2016

My summer ends with a trip. I wanted to visit a part of  Scandinavia to understand above all why we talk about high livability ..

Honestly leaving the sun of south Italy and arriving in Stockholm where we expect mines 15 degrees  it was not exactly the best but let’s say it gets worse . Left Milan very soon in the morning, and after a stopover in Zurich we arrived in the early afternoon and to welcome us to town there is the Grand Hotel. After settling we began to walk around the city to figure out how to move in the next two days. The trip coincides with a business appointment because in Stockholm there is fashion week so we are not completely free from commitments ..

Now I can fully understand why they talk about so avant-garde city: we found in front of  a very clean city, educated, noise-free where everyone is ready to do its duty to ensure the welfare of the community. Divided neatly into two parts that sees the modern area that is in contrast to the old area and most fascinating of environmental city.Technology, architectural clean, elegant style: they are the hallmarks. A city known as a smart, that is very easy to live and run for tourists because of the high ease of services to be enjoyed …

A separate chapter is dedicated to metropolitana (tube) will say, efficient and clean ??? but certainly the “plus” does not reside in this but in very characteristic beauty that distinguishes it … it is a real art gallery full of paintings, mosaics, sculptures and art forms in general.

“Behind the project there is still a single democratic thought:
to make art accessible to everyone “

 110 km of extension in which you find more than 150 artistic works.

The special stations are in the cave. To visit absolutely to enrich our culture.


Frank Gallucci