Streetstyle Pitti 94
2 July 2018
Barcolana 2018
23 December 2018


A summer perfume … The southern Sun, the warmth of the people, the scent of the sea that counterbalances the soft smell of bread and coffee, escaping from the alleys. This and much more, turn the south into something different, magical, something that you’ve got to live to fully understand. The slow rhythm with which people punctuate their days is totally different and sometimes ensures a higher quality of life compared to that of people like us in Milan, hellbent on the career threadmill, that often means lowering the famous quality of life.

Living in Milan, we’re well aware of the differences and I won’t hide the fact that many friends who go to the south on holiday have very fond memories and the question they usually ask is: what made you come here? However, between Milan, work and the fact that we are constantly traveling, usually both Giulia and I, we decide to spend all the holidays with our loved ones in Calabria, Sicily and Campania.

This year as a swimsuit partner, I chose Vilebrequin and its new “High Summer” collection. Vilebrequin, a well-known French brand born in 1971 that marked the summers of many famous people, swoops in the summer market of 2018 with a fresh collection, new fabrics and an updated interpretation in the key of a modern gentleman that winks to a younger audience. Personally, as you will see in the photos, I have chosen three looks that will accompany me during my summer period, made up of numerous stages in the “Belpaese”. Colour-wise, summer doesn’t need to be revived because it already is the most colourful season and because of the psycho-physical well-being, I wanted to focus on two colours: the orange that reminds me very much Steve Mc Queen in one of his films and the light blue, that calls for an incredible sense of tranquility. One of the swimsuits chosen by me re-proposes what is now a trademark: the turtle, this time “illuminated” by golden reflections, while for the polo shirts my careful choice has fallen on the new lightweight fabrics in Pyramid linen jersey …


Enjoy your summer…


Frank Gallucci