Tech travel essentials: gadgets to put in your luggage

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14 October 2017
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2 December 2017

Technology, tech is everywhere. Nowadays, we have an hi-tech gadget to do practically anything, anywhere at any time: in fact, the majority of tech devices are compact and portable, hence to take advantage of them while traveling is always easier. For those who like traveling abroad or who often travel for work, some good hi-tech can only help to optimize the journey. But which are the 5 tech devices to always have with you in your luggage?

First of all, a power bank or portable charger: it is pocket technology that helps technology. Thanks to a power bank you will be able to charge your devices anywhere you are, without worrying that they will turn off for a technical Ko of the battery. Alternatively, also a power station is great: to be located inside your hotel room for example, to charge all hi-tech devices.

The second essential hi-tech gadget is a sat-nav: it is impossible to give away with it, especially if your are going into areas or countries that you don’t know. For example, the car sat-nav by Coyote is extremely useful because it also works offline and apart from maps, it also gives information regarding traffic and eventual drivability problems.

A third device that should never be missed in your travelers luggage is a lock with a digital print system. This small wonder, can only be opened by your finger prints and it is an example of how technology has nowadays become so small but also so intelligent. You could use it to lock any kind of luggage or backpack zipper, or maybe to put in safety any hotel room locker. Absolutely essential for those who travel a lot.

Do you love music? You hate boring moments? Also when you are leaving, it is fair that your music tunes always have to follow you. And here’s why the fourth hi-tech device which we are suggesting you are the Bluetooth speakers: easy, smart and obviously of exceptional quality. Finally, since distractions and  keys never get along (not even on holiday), here’s the car key tracker. You will be able to hook it to the keys and use the app to find them with your smartphone.