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Baleari – Yacht Experience
17 July 2017
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MMFW June ’17 – Ladies
22 July 2017
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“The challenge with myself”


The key word was exactly this one, to challenge ourselves into completely contrasting fields to better understand the versatility and flexibility of our abilities. Take a Michelin Star Chef, put on his side a golf world champion and a lifestyle influencer and the goose is cooked. The two days with Bmw has been more than exciting, exhilarating and in the end the result has been more than generous…on day one, Chef Andrea Berton and I have tested ourselves in a golf match under the very attentive eyes of the champion Matteo Manassero who we reached earlier on board of our travel companion, the new Bmw 5 Series, to prepare everything. As soon as we arrived at the golf club, the smell of the recently cut grass was counterbalancing the roasting sun which was shining above the whole course; me and the chef used the caddie with our clubs also supplied by Bmw. Well, what to say, we did our best, but for the rest of the time we admired Manassero who was making everything incredibly simple with his club, while he was juggling with a golf ball as a football player does with a sphere at least ten times bigger. During the second day, instead, everything moved to the city, where this time what awaited us wasn’t a sport challenge, yet a culinary one. Matteo and I, at 10 am, went to the restaurant of chef Andrea Berton in Milan’s Garibaldi district and we had been welcomed by something which in its simple meaning could be defined as restaurant, but probably it better represents something which could be defined as a “perfect machine”. Always under the chef’s attentive eyes, which obviously has directed us towards an optimal preparation for the necessary dish of the day, we started from the dough, to then move towards the creation of the handmade spaghetti alla chitarra and the composing of the seasoning, to finally serve our Italian pasta. At the end of it, we spent some time talking with the Chef, to whom we asked some questions to better understand the dynamics of a Michelin Star restaurant where the final customer must live a unique and once off sensorial experience for which every single detail that composes the kitchen must be like a part of a perfect mechanism. At the end of the experience we hopped on our Bmw 5 Series to go back home after an experience from which I honestly understood that golf is a sport which I can comfortably watch from my sofa with the remote in my hands and that the art of cooking will still remain an art for which I will never be able to be a front line artist but simply a spectator of marvelous delights.





Frank Gallucci