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5 July 2017
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17 July 2017

Fashion is always a particularly delicate science and subject to changes during time that sometimes are also very evident: but this rule doesn’t apply only to women, since also men must always be up to date on the latest trends and on how to choose a suit according to precise characteristics, which can enhance this or that part of the body also matching the remaining parts of the outfit. This must be taken in consideration especially for shirt collars, because these aren’t certainly all the same and not always are suitable for a determined kind of neck.

The first thing to know in order to be able to choose the most appropriate shirt collar is that the possible options aren’t missing: today, in fact, there are many men’s shirt models even on the thanks to dedicated sections on the largest e-commerces such as YOOX, therefore it isn’t difficult at all – starting from a certain awareness – to identify the perfect model for our body shape, for our look and obviously for our neck, always the first protagonist of this particular garment. We have to specify that we won’t let you start from zero, since we’ll now see together the three main kinds of collars, in order to give you excellent information to make an aware and appropriate choice according to your shape.

First of all, the Italian collar: it is a kind of semi – open collar, provided with the classic collar stays which keep it straight and which can be removed. Hence, we are talking about a wide and elegant collar, thought in particular to house ties and to be perfectly in line with the jackets to be worn above the shirt. Being particularly versatile, it can adapt to any kind of need or outfit, even if obviously is at its best when matched with a nice tie to be tied at the neck.

At the exact opposite, instead, we find the Korean collar: here both collar and stays are not existing, since the collar doesn’t take the classic shape, but a simple round one, typical indeed of the Korean menswear. Hence its main characteristic is a sort of very low collar, which almost looks absent. The last kind of collar that we’ll see today is, instead, the round “club” collar, which differentiates itself from the Italian one because of the collar points which aren’t straight but round. The above mentioned collar was born in England and it is then famous for a softer but also more elegant and refined style: unfortunately, it is also very difficult to match as it is vintage.