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8 March 2017
Gazelle by Adidas
17 March 2017


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Photo by Leonardo Iannelli


Tone on tone Yes or Not?

Either you want to pronounce it in French ( ton sur ton) or in English (tone on tone) – obviously in Italy we have modified the term in ” tono su tono ” – it is a kind of combination that might hide some difficulties.

In my humble opinion, I think it is one of the highest forms of elegance, especially because to make it work perfectly you need to pay much attention into the chromatic harmony: the key to success resides exactly into this…  

How to avoid mistakes while wearing a suit?

Well, first of all I must say that while wearing a suit the operation results easier than while wearing a combination of jacket and trousers as the elements to be found for the right harmony are just the tie and the shirt; so, by starting from the a blue suit like the one in question, the options you have in front of you are the ones related to a darker or lighter shade. Personally, I am more used to a darker shade that comes closer to the color of the suit.

Mistakes to be avoided?

Do not go too hard on colors, even if they belong to the same chromatic family, they might result disharmonic in the combination: I refer myself especially to the circumstances in which you have to create a broken combination of jacket and trousers (a field where it is easy to make a mess). Usually, you see strange combinations…when you decide to wear a jacket and a pair of trousers belonging to the same color family but with different tones make sure they are as much as possible similar one to the other because nothing like the chromatic uniformity of which I make myself a spokesperson is the real key to success.. When you notice in front of the mirror that you are going a bit too strong, you must be ready and daring to face smirks or eventual critics. I say so because I found myself in similar situations and I must admit that being understood is very difficult and the border between real connoisseurs and beginners is very subtle.

Frank Gallucci