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Paris fashion week 2016 day 2
25 October 2016
Streetstyle MWFW Sep 2016 – Men
30 October 2016


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Photo by Robert Spangle
Milan… 26/09/2916
Exactly the city accused of a certain ugliness and considered by everyone as the least up to aesthetic standards one among Italian cities. Obviously if realities such as Florence, Rome, Lecce, are the benchmark then it is normal that there is a remarkable difficulty in the competition. To understand the Milanese beauty you have to live the city and understand its discreet aesthetic, its hidden distinctive traits which are not shouted out such as the ones of the above mentioned cities. Milan is as beautiful as cruel: a metropolis that in few years, especially thanks to the will of its administrations and consequently to the adaptation of every single citizen, it has come at very high level of services: i certainly do not deny to you that after long periods the level of tiredness and mental fatigue is remarkable because rhythms are fast and if you want to keep up the pace with competition you have to run fast. That said, I often find myself ascertaining with my friends the pleasant wellness in which we can enjoy in this reality, simply because everything works and because the system mechanism is so well kept that the services perfectly match the city organization.
After having spoken about discretion I couldn’t but create an outfit with this mood, which means simple.
A linen cotton pair of trousers with just one pleat, with a high waist, without belt loops but with side adjusters to take in or out the width of the waist. In evidence, the coin pocket, which is different from the usual hidden pocket. The dark denim shirt recalls the denim of the shoes by Barbanera which you have previously saw.
Frank Gallucci