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Pitti uomo 92 day 3
29 August 2017
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Three days in Florence with A. Lange & Sohne
20 September 2017
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1-2-3 of September.
In an ordinary afternoon of August, when I totally turned off my brain from work, I received a call from Milan in which the important message was: get ready for the Venice Film Festival 2017 with a great partner: Omega.
So the 31st of August I landed in Milan just in time to unpack my luggage and pack the new one for this experience with my friend Fabio Attanasio in Venice related to the italian craftsmanship wearing the Seamaster Venezia edition by Omega: a piece sold only in this incredible city.
Among the realities visited, one in particular took my attention. We have been hosted by Tramontin  and children, a famous family of gondola makers, where we had the privilege of getting into the process of building the famous gondola. Five long months to finish just one: two months to build it, a month to paint it and another two months to decorate it in every detail; the cost is around 25,000 and 40,000 euros and, of course, the cost depends on the customer’s requests, while the average duration is around 30-40 years. At the end of the experience I always come back with absolute certainty: we are the most beautiful and fascinating country in the world, full of history, culture, traditions lived by people who make things with an incredible passion. Yes passion, the real engine of the life.
 Frank Gallucci