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10 May 2016
25 May 2016
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Tell me which is your tie and I will tell you who you are …

This is the old way of saying of the gentlemen of the past !! You could call it as a democratic accessory able to put everyone on the same level without making distinctions. The tie appears for the first time during the France of Louis XIII as a result of a recruitment of Croatian soldiers who wore a knotted scarf around his neck … Then under the reign of the famous Louis XIV the tie comes as a daily habit symbol and synonymous of elegance and wealth; even with the French Revolution the tie becomes a status symbol because the revolutionary wore black and anti-revolutionary wore white.

Since then its use has had many faces; actually we have so many knots: small knot, half hitch windsor, windsor, Italian, pratt and much other … we started from very large ties to very thiny ties passing through the so-called sock ties aka knitted tie which are the ties with the horizzonatal end;there are so many companies decided … When I talk about these kind of sizes I refer to ties with a width of 4-5 centimeters which also began famous thanks to the use of celebrities as part of the jet set and Hollywood very popular singers.

Honestly I have to say I often don’t use these kind of ties but I totally understand some commercial dynamics . When we speak of tie, width and fabric we must mention also the number of folds that characterizes it: the more is the number of folds and the higher the amount of fabric used to make the tie … In the Neapolitan tailoring we usually see seven folds ties and although I’m not a frequent user, but I must confess that the charm of these ties is so incredible.

Said that I feel obliged to go into the details of everyday life; also in Italy, the land of inestimable style-culture, there are any environments which in my humble opinion are too old, they should be at least revised; they are too anachronistic or reluctant to some changes ..

Related to this, I leave you with my interview with Zalando where I focus my vision and I try to explain how the use of this accessory has become almost a “must-have” for the modern gentleman; my favorite knot and the type of tie to be used to avoid being too pretentious….