Beige-blue-brown and grey
4 January 2016
Dubai Mall
17 January 2016


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Photo by ChillaxingRoad


Here we are…the days before Pitti one of two appointments really important… Today we are in a freezing Milan!! Winter has arrived!!

It was a long time since I didn’t wear my favorite boots and then starting from shoes (shoes usually arrive as the last element in the choice) I built the whole outfit .. My idea is and was to create an elegant man yet not too pretentious in terms of style .. not always jacket and tie identify an elegant person… returning to the combination of today, starting with the black shoes, and a same color turtleneck, I broke the color with an ice pants !! Often I see around, that men with boots and turtleneck put the coat; so to give something different I opted for the timeless Belstaff Roadmaster, whose I had previously described and whose versatility leads it high on my choices …


Frank Gallucci