Timeless Icons

Coloro i quali, con le loro personalità,

le loro maniere, il loro modo di indossare capi ordinari

e trasformarli in indumenti leggendari,

ci fanno ambire a diventare uomini migliori.




  • Blurred on mewhy? Because of the new jewel by porscheitalia
  • ChameleonInspired by the colors of the environment! FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian Desert
  • Happy Easter dear friends  A relaxing Sunday at home
  • Scorci simmetrici marcolessi FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian LA California
  • A bit over sizewhy not! marcolessi Qui stavo pensando alla
  • Sometimes you face difficulties not because youre doing something wrong
  • Embrace uncertaintySole of the most beautiful chapters in our lives
  • Just saying to a great friend of mine in the
  • Better together giuliagaudino FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian Together Coachella California Coachella2019 marcolessi
  • Welcome Denim on denim! FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian Coachella Denim California marcolessi