My africa
28 October 2013



Photo by Gregorio Patanè

 Hello dear friends, how is your holiday going?

My holiday is going very well.

I’m spending my days at the beach,hours and hours in the sun and finally  I got very tanned: my skin color is so black!!!!!!

But I have to be honest with you: I can’t refuse a day sailing with friends. I’m sure it will be full of news for my blog and tips for you to enjoy your day sailing.

So,now let’s talk about sailing cloths.

On the boat I wear and recommend you an outfit quite simple and at that same time elegant and comfortable.

What not to miss?

The hat.

Oh yeah, it’s called “Panama”, a kind of hat which can be worn also with a more elegant outfit. I bought it in the suggestive Taormina. I love it!

See you soon with a new post.



Shirt ZARA /   /  Bracelet Cruciani

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