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14 September 2016
15 September 2016
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Lodovico Colli di Felizzano

One day in Venice to fully recharge the batteries after my return from Stockholm (I was there for work).
The city is totally crowded … and it’s not just for tourists as it could be at any time of the year but because right now the scene is the “Film Festival”, an incredible international event  in which guests from all over the world come here…Several statements about the great and amazing beauty of Venice so rare and unique..Usually this city is wonderful but please just imagine how magic can be with the presence of actors, actresses, journalists, producers, designers, media etc…
I was in Venice with other people because we were involved in a project work, and we had the chance to get around the city with a private boat so we enjoyed it in a full view without any distractions.

To me,Venice enters into the five most beautiful and special place in the world: no doubt.
For the day, even during this period of maximum elegance, I opted for a solution that was appropriate: I found a good compromise, a middle way between sporty and elegant style.

A stylish trousers with 2 cm of turn-up (so unusual) and a denim shirt embellished with a denim

pocket-square !!



Frank Gallucci