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23 August 2018
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MAURITIUS with Constance
27 April 2019


For the first time, and I would add “finally”, I am able to take part to the famous Barcolana. For those of you who don’t know it, it is an international regatta that has become historical and that takes place into the gulf of Trieste. With its 2689 boats, it is the world’s biggest regatta (just think that only 51 boats took part to the first one exactly 50 years ago). The singular aspect is related to the fact that professionals take part to the event side by side with simple amateurs on boats of different dimensions which determine their subdivision in different categories. So, about 25.000 yachtsmen with an attendance around 250.000 visitors create a suggestive scenario that gives life to a renown event. Jaguar Land Rover seals once again its own presence in Friuli as Gold Sponsor of the 50° Barcolana edition and makes it by paying homage to the tradition imposing the innovation for future mobility with its top notch model from the electric and hybrid line.

During the two days, my journey companion was the new model of the Range Rover Sport PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). I deeply evaluate the British brand and I couldn’t wait to understand the new hybrid: the charging plug is discreetly located in the front grid, making the connection to the power source comfortable and easy for the domestic nightly charge. The car is equipped with a recharging cable which can be easily located in the back trunk of the vehicle and that charges the battery completely in seven and a half hours, while with a 32A source it will be charged in two and a half hours; in electric mode it has an operating time of 51 km clearly cutting off CO2 emissions from the exhaust. Needless to say that the comfort and the sound proofing from the outside are at its finest. In the city we top from the height of our SUV, the drivability is extremely fluid but to have a complete vision of the car I have tried to make an off-road, understanding better the various dynamics of the car and how they change…Well, nevermind, in the off- road it results impeccable both in stability and reliability. I have expressly ended up into real “craters” (because calling them holes would be reducing) and I’ve touched by hand the reliability of Range Rover…

I am coming back with a certainty: the perfect mix of aspects such as elegance, performance, reliability and safety makes sure that the potential acquirer will always be more fascinated and convinced and always less sceptical.


Frank Gallucci