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30 November 2015
11 December 2015


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Photo by Simon Scott White

After the experience of the previous day in the desert, where the nature caught our attention, we we’ll see how the second and the third day have been more urban; days where the focus has moved to the heart of Dubai …

During the morning our eyes were literally delighted by the breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa which gives to all those who have the possibility to reach up to a height of 555 meters .. Taking a special elevator really super-fast, we came to the first step (actually already very high for a breathtaking view) and from there, through a further elvator, we have reached the top of the Burj Khalifa. With the whole group we sipped a drink in a private room, watching a boundless landscape as you can see from the pictures …

After this we moved to the press room where we attended the press conference that’s celebrated the start of fashion week organized by EMAAR in partnership with ” Vogue Italy “. Considering the busy schedule of the events in the afternoon, we stopped at Joe’s Cafe for lunch: originally situated in the heart !!!

Waiting the show at 7 pm, with the entire crew went into the Dubai Mall admiring its majesty and to look more closely at the collections created by young designers carefully chosen by a  meticulous jury…

At 7 pm, in the center of the Mall, everything was ready for the show which was really interesting!

Of course for the entire day I chose an italian outfit….a made to measure blue three piece by “Sanvenero”….

Our endless day ends with a dinner at the Sofitel Downtown where restaurant “Wakame” welcomed us with a very warm hospitality making us feel like at home!


I wear:

suit by Sanvenero tailors / shirt by Santill0 / sunglasses by Rayban