Deep Blue
31 December 2016
frankgallucci pittiuomo91
Pitti 91 day 1
27 January 2017
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Photo by Leo Iannelli



Brera …

Take a typical Milanese morning, where a blanket of fog covers the city, and the sun, above the town, begins to fade. Few cars disturb the peace of this beautiful neighborhood that despite being the heart of the city, it remains nonchalantly an incredible distance from the normal chaos of the city. You breathe that air of small village where you can still touch the warmth of the people with his hand, where the smell of coffee coming out of the bars, comes immediately to capture the attention of the passer; where the delicious freshly baked croissants inebriates everything. The over Missoni sweater in the meantime works as a coat… unusual its shape; a garment that squeezes more the eye to a fashion show rather than a daily routine so my bet was to bring in everyday this type of sweater. Internally equipped with a special coating so that the rain water does not filter, seals an outfit that sees the velvet pants and a turtleneck characterized by the usual Missoni covered by a bomber jacket with buttons.



Knitwear & turtleneck Missoni / sunglasses Tom Ford / shoes Moreschi


Frank Gallucci