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28 October 2013
Here comes the sun
10 March 2014
frank gallucci





















Photo by Giacomo Baroni 


Hello guys …. Of course, the sun does not shine but I confess that this leaden sky of  milan I do not mind at all, …. I do not know why but it is!! Finally today I can introduce to you my new photographer, Giacomo, with whom I have an amazing feeling!

 The outfit of today can easily dress up a man during a very busy workday choosing a good alternative to the traditional dress that becomes very repetitive and sometimes uncomfortable! Apart from the jeans with a turn-up, which I highly recommend is the sweater with the collar turned up that emphasizes the angularity of the shirt in contrast with the roundness of the neck sweater! Everything contorniate by a blue trench coat and a cap which particular model is called “eight segments” different from the usual flat cap as being much big gives you the posibility to bend on one side of the head making it more glamorous and less obvious!  





Hat handmade

Jeans Jack&Jones

Shirt Dolce&Gabbana

Shoes SuitSupply

Trench Patrizia Pepe