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16 June 2017
frankgallucci pittiuomo92
Pitti uomo 92 day 1
2 July 2017
frankgallucci jaguarftype


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Cannes Film Festival 2017 opens its doors…press, tv, and media are on fire for the occasion. This year Jaguar  has been my partner for the experience: in this case the F-Type which brought us from Milan to Cannes. It’s like a diamond, a sort of super car in my hands for two days with which I could conceive my imagination, however, remaining within the limits set.  By the way, considering the location, the special day and the party for the night I had to bring with me two different suits. The first one, for the shooting of the day, was so light, a made to measure suit with two buttons, a peak lapel and trousers with just one pleat, of course without belt loops but with side adjuster.. As many of you already know, I never use the pants of the suit with the belt. The pink shirt makes a great contrast with the light beige of the pants and the shoes, the “Spezial” by Adidas.
About the night, for the dinner and then for the party, my choice has been a double-breasted blu suit with four buttons: it’s just an alternative to the conventional six buttons
Frank Gallucci