23 August 2018

Summer scent

  A summer perfume … The southern Sun, the warmth of the people, the scent of the sea that counterbalances the soft smell of bread and coffee, escaping from the […]
27 March 2018
frankgallucci giuliagaudino tommyhilfigher

Tommy Hilfigher: state of mind

  The style that everyone of us own is something innate that improves or in any case is refined over the years… I wanted to start with this incipit because […]
7 March 2018

New York

  Large photos Small photos Photo by Guerre   New York, one of the few cities where the positive vibrations and the feelings of change pervade you and you can […]
3 January 2018
frankgallucci panerai

Milanese Panerai

  This time the scenery changes. The beauty of  Milan, the hidden beauty so different from the florentine beauty. The Panerai’s staff previously has organized the shooting with the photographer […]
2 December 2017
frankgallucci panerai

Florence with PANERAI

Every important experience starts from the origin. Clearly my story with Officine Panerai begins in their Head Quarter in Milan for the official signature about the project which sees me […]
28 September 2017

Beige on beige

  Large photos Small photos Photo by ChillaxingRoad It says that chromatic mix is a gamble and that almost always it can be a big mistake. I personally disagree, because […]
18 August 2017
frankgallucci ibiza santillo


  Large photos Small photos Photo by Vincenzo Grillo Ibiza… When you go on vacation on a boat, it’s easy to get stressed to understand what to put in your […]
4 June 2017

A night in Milan

  Large photos Small photos Photo by ChillaxingRoad Here we are…. A night in Milan… I had been wishing to shoot at night for a long time, to breathe a […]
2 May 2017
frankgallucci moscot

How to match a grey suit

  Large photos Small photos Photo by ChillaxingRoad   In the overview of men’s suits, gray represents one the milestones. Usually it is a kind of color which will always […]