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13 December 2016
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21 January 2017


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Photo by ChillaxingRoad


Layering is that way to wearing that in Italy we call ” stratificazione” or “vestito a cipolla” ( like an onion). A smart way to fight the cold, surely not a very comfortable way, but a really functional one.

When you decide to layer, the most important thing is taking care about kinds of colors you are going to mix, because the risk to create a mess is easy. So let’s keep simple, using light tone…

Today predominant color is blue: a dark blue wool pants which goes on the blue pair of socks (in this case is always appropriate a dark sock to avoid a big contrast with the shoes); shoes by Barbanera already worn previously, is a single monk with removable frange in calf leather and denim.

In the upper part a beige wool turtle neck is the only element with the beanie in a light color… In those days i which you can feel a rigid temperature my suggestion is wearing a body-warmer between your knitwear and your coat that works like a screen; furthermore wearing it you can keep your coat, also if it is double-breasted as me today, open.



Frank Gallucci