29 March 2017
Tom Ford
24 April 2017
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Photo by ChillaxingRoad


It was yesterday Christmas and we are already here: Easter has arrived.

All the people from the south who liv in Milan and in the north area of Italy, come back in the southern part just to spend time with their relatives…This year I decided to change my Easter routine and I will spend these festivity in Milan because of my work… In the end with my particular job I can go back to my hometown whenever I want so later I will.

In these days I will find the positive side about my Milanese Easter because the city will be almost empty so we can enjoy this situation without so many people around, without the normal noises we are used to and lot of things….

The weather is incredible and it seems that summer’s arrived early..2017 is delicious… Today I am gonna  basically wear one color: the predominance of the blue with different fabric which mix among them: a paisley pants in cotton which dominates the scene to which joins a denim waistcoat with four pockets, a denim shirt matched with a knitted jacket.

Detail of the day??

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Frank Gallucci