Timeless Icons

Those who, with their personalities,

their manners, their way of wearing ordinary clothes

and transform them in legendary garments,

make us aspire to become better men.




  • Confidence is not They will like me Confidence is Ill
  • I love smelling your scent on my clothes boss BOSSTheScent
  • Back in town but alway with those colorsA sand flannel
  • Muscat  Milan  FrankGallucci proudtobeitalian OmanAir
  • Something beautiful is on the horizon giuliagaudino  Pic by
  • Just herefew hours of relax between the pool and the
  • Good morning Oman Daily routine for this elegant Sircoffee and
  • Architecture Oman UniqueOman Architecture
  • Here we are OmanToday the first stop has been The
  • Off to Muscate in Oman for a projectLeaving in three