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4 June 2017
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29 June 2017
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When you have the luck to make a generally sedentary work and you consequently have the concrete chance to daily manage some of the tasks and details related to your profession, everything becomes a little more easier. 

In my case, since I travel a lot, and being often distant from the normal reality and daily routine, I need to a have a quick service at my fingertips to solve some of the hitches that can happen or simply to have an immediate consultation.

Personally, since I’ve started to continuously travel, the primary need has become to have an accountant at my fingertips. A professional that can “stay on my side” even from far away! 

I’ve known Fazland (link home fazland) thanks to some friends who had used the service.

I was in Paris for the fashion week and at night, while I was working, I’ve remembered about that talk and I’ve bumped into their website…I made a request for a serious and trusted accountant and when I woke up I had been contacted by various professionals and when I’ve met the Dottoressa Elena Pancotti I had an immediate feeling…and a true working relationship is born.

Elena, is indeed my trusted accountant, she follows me step by step for any doubt or request related to the tax system to which my work is related. 

I must say that Fazland is a platform that works very well, which puts into contact the “consumers” like me to professionals of fields such as home, business, personal or events. When I have visited their website I’ve realized how easily you can request for an estimate, for example in my case I have used the following link https://www.fazland.com/preventivo-per/commercialista, I have immediately understood that my problems would have soon found a solution.

The absolute plus? You can request estimates from every part of the world, the only request is that the job must take place in Italy…therefore, if I find myself in Paris but I need a house painter at home, I can request for estimates, arrange the job and come back in time to coordinate the painting of the walls!



Frank Gallucci