Barcolana 2018
23 December 2018
mauritius frankgallucci

Our constant research of new lands to discover this time is leading us to the renowned Mauritius Island. Yes it feels weird to call it as a single noun, yet we discovered that it is exactly like that. It has been a long time since we wanted to go to that side of the terrestrial globe and as soon as we decided to, we immediately started looking for the resort where to stay. As soon as we’ve noticed that a “Constance” was located on the island we had not hesitated for a second and while looking at each other the answer has been: immediately them. This immediate answer of ours is given by the fact that the treatment inside this chain is a sort of warranty under all points of view. After contacting them, they have informed us that not only one but two facilities are on the island, so their organization, with whom we often cooperate, decides to let us visit both locations.

We leave Milan with a modest weather and at our arrival on the island we immediately realize about the kind of heat we will have to gently fight: crazy hot. The first stop is at the Constance Belle Mare Plage. Arrived after a quite long flight, we are welcomed in the early hours of the morning with a welcoming breakfast and I can guarantee you that a freshly made pineapple juice is worth all of the accumulated tiredness. After we accomodate ourselves in our comfortable and large room and the first thing we notice is our porch with sea view, that sea which reflects an almost unreal color that makes you feel like in a movie any time you step outside. During the three days of stay we have been able to snorkel to admire closely the dreamy sea bottom, to play golf in their immense club, which is the biggest on the island, and to personally test all their restaurants. The exquisite quality of food is certainly one of the strengths of the resort, together with the spa which is a true masterpiece. What impressed us the most? Personally the breakfast organized for us on the seaside and the experience at the “Blue Penny Cellar” a restaurant with a cellar which counts more than 20.000 wine bottles.

After three days we move to the Constance Prince Maurice to spend the last days before coming back to our beloved Italy. Here they reserve for us a suite where we can comfortably relax. Here it is quite difficult to make a mistake while choosing a restaurant, yet if I can express my preference and give you a suggestion, I can assure you that the experience at “Le Barachois” is sensational; if then you’d like to have a romantic candle lit dinner away from everyone, there’s the possibility of booking a “private desk” where you’ll be alone contemplating the explosion of their nature under the stars. When I arrive in these structures I love to join various conversations with the managers who work there and a consideration of one of them really impressed me, he said to me: “You know Frank, when a client lands in such a paradise, after a very long journey, he’s immediately dazzled by the beauty which makes 60/70% so the rest is made by the service and we concentrate at our best into that remaining 30/40%. Choosing among the two resorts is very difficult because of their perfection. Probably the only thing I can say is that the Belle Mare Plage is slightly more appropriate for families with kids, meanwhile the Prince Maurice is better for who really wants to completely relax thanks to the incredible sensation of silence. We almost always use a platform for these kind of trip which is so reliable, professional and first of all really full of beautiful destinations :