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Milan 3.0
12 September 2016
14 September 2016
frankgallucci borsalino

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ChillaxingRoad & Stefano Coletti


Italy ’40s -’50s-’60s

This is totally inspired by those years; years when this was the Italian elegance fees to spread around the world. Many Italian actors but also international celebrities loved this type of look to show off in leisure and not ..We can just think to Mastroianni and Vittorio De Sica, or Frank Sinatra.

Time ago I was talking to Christopher Kaprelian (he owns a tailoring)  about some ideas on menswear and we promised to each other to do something together in the future. His creation for me is an amazing pair of trousers designed by me and for me. A particular shape which sees an oversized waistband, double buttons side fastening and fork pleats.

The so-called shirt ” pijama collar ” due to the absence of the last button in its upper end, is by Santillo, a  company of shirts from generations which chose to positional their products in  a very high target market: the name of this shirt is ” Anema e Core “, entirely handmade in Italy (specifically, in the manufacturing district of Catanzaro, where the company has its base) with a highly breathable cotton. The shirt has been carefully reproduced by changing the spinning count, which was once a “single spun” while in this sees a process called “two ply ” in order to highlight the quality and brightness of the colors and fabric. The buttons are in Australian mother pearl, and they are applied by hand; a considerable detail regards the seam of the sleeve which does not result to be in line with the side seam which is sewn as a moment after that the side is closed .This is a rare and unique passage that can only be performed by expert hands.

The iconic Borsalino matched with a pair of moccasins in calf leather dark brown, complete this look !!


pants Made to Measure by Christopher Kaprelian / Borsalino / shirt Santillo