Frank x Pirelli&Maserati
14 September 2016
Frank x Maserati Levante
14 September 2016
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The last day of fashion week is definitely sporty.

A denim suit which I made look even more worn out with some machine washings…if you want a denim effect enough stressed you have to avoid to dry clean it (as all mothers suggest to us) otherwise the suit color won’t fade away and consequently you won’t be able to obtain the desired effect. Then if you are a maniac for details, another suggestion is to use sandpaper for the outline of some parts of the jacket: the procedure has to be accurate because the extreme hardness of sandpaper might ruin the fabric and this means that caution is the key word. The result shows a shade of the original color where sandpaper has done its job up to a richer a richer color while we get far from where the treatment has been applied: a sort of chromatic scale which makes denim very particular and appreciated both by experts and amateurs.

The Polo by MISSONI, is worn in a an old school manner, by putting the soft collar above the jacket lapel and tucked inside the trousers.



Frank Gallucci