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Green olive
18 October 2016
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Paris fashion week 2016 day 1
25 October 2016


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Yes, that one of the most positive aspects of this job, but the real luck doesn’t reside only in the fact of being able to visit new places, but make them as yours, finding new ideas, mix yourself with new traditions..the open-mindedness that you can get through vision of new places is priceless.

Usually when you travel, you immediately think of the classic hotel which is like an intermediary between your daily fatigue and the desire to recharge the batteries for the next day. But lately the trend is a bit ‘changed due to the new type of travelers who trie to don’t change at least the habits they have at home. Home on vacation is definitely a positive factor because it has the ability to inalterare their standard from all points of view.

With Giorgio and Veronica, my inseparable friends and travel companions, this time we chose an apartment through the digital platform of HomeAway. A house with all amenities, with a very nice interior design but above all an optimal location and the view. Located in the Marais on the top floor of a very nice building, one of the reasons why we did not hesitate to take it was the presence of the terrace overlooking the dome of Saint Paul-Saint-Louis: terrace with which it began our day to because of their breakfast on the table that you see in the pictures and it ended the day with a glass of wine before turning around.

Here the specific link of our apartment 



Frank Gallucci