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Pitti 91 day 2
30 January 2017
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MMFW Jan 2017 day 1
3 February 2017
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I prefer to close my three days of Pitti 91 with a more sartorial touch, as in my style, which I think is various and versatile, the sartorial component isn’t marked too much but it still results alive even if in a not very high percentage: I would define it as latent.

When I’ve started my adventure I loved to wear bolder suits, with strong chalk stripes, wide lapels, excessively visible and marked windowpanes…then, after some time and many researches, I’ve learnt to appreciate the art of simplicity and a sober good taste. You then face softer tones, different volumes, lighter structures and you almost try to look unnoticed to avoid a shouted ostentation to get noticed: I think that Italians in general have to mark a discreet elegance without putting to much emphasis. As I’ve underlined many times, my concept of elegance is not limited by the only idea of jacket and tie, but it extends to to a wider concept which embraces different ways of being, thinking and behaving.

Hence, during the third day I’ve opted for a blue three piece suit, with a cachemire tie that slightly breaks the suit uniformity: black shoes? Well, usually I match brown shoes to a blue suit because they look better but in this case I wanted to get out of my conventional rules to mark a difference on something I was used to and the result is that I will use more often this combination. To complete the look I’ve used a quite fitted double breasted coat with a half belt and buttons on the vent which make the back part look more gentle.

Frank Gallucci