Dinner-Gala Pirelli Calendar 2017
6 December 2016
frankgallucci pirellicalendar2017
8 December 2016
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Photo by Antonio La Zazzera


Place de la Concorde.



Every year, as usual, there is one of the most important appointment of the year; the Pirelli calendar and I will accurately talk about it in a dedicated post.

After one month and half, I come back in the French capital and the city welcome us with an incredible cold: it’s definitely freezing. I left people sleeveless and now I am finding people with scarves and beanies.

Knowing the rigid temperature I left Milan already heavy: gloves, scarf, boots and for the first day that’s what I’ve chosen. First of all boots and long coat to create my combo: when you wear boots ( kind of shoes not really versatile ) you should calibrate really well the choice of the trousers. Currently the market offers so many different kind of boots but the choice of them depends on your own taste but also on your body size. Just few times I can wear bulky boots because they don’t suit me with the style I usually propose.

The ones I am wearing, are thin so I could not choose a wide pants otherwise I would have ruined the line created. Chromatically speaking the combo sees three colors: the blue of the pants, the blue on the denim shirt and on the texture of the coat; the dark brown’s repeated on the boots, on the belt and on the fedora. In the end, burgundy of the cardigan mixes well between the blue and the brown..


Frank Gallucci