MWFW February 2018
12 May 2018
Ladies & Couples Pitti 94
2 July 2018


This experience begins from very far away and not for a merely geographical question related to departure and arrival, yet because for a long time Giulia and I had decided a dream destination where we could lay our tiredness. But when Giulia revealed to me the name of the destination I had already imagined the kind of resort towards we were going but it is one of those realities that if you don’t see it you cannot believe it…the journey has been quite long but very pleasant (for me), as I am one of those who takes the flight as one of the best moments, because you can turn the phone off and be able to totally unplug.

We depart from Milan towards Doha, which is our bridge between Italy and Mahè, the island which awaits us for our stay. After a very long flight made of 20 hours in total, we finally land: after having picked up the luggage, our driver welcomes us and takes us to our resort.. On the road, we are immediately enchanted by the splendour of the vegetation which surrounds us and we rapidly get to the destination. I have to be honest first with myself and then with you guys: I have never seen such an absolute perfection. I refer to the beauty of the place, of the resort, to the purity of the people, to the peculiarity of the service to the majesty of nature etc…We were quite sure to have a superior room, yet as soon as we checked in, we have been pleased by a surprise, the villa which was booked for our stay. I explain myself better: Constance Ephelia resort is located on a huge flat area, inside of which you can find the different structures divided into rooms and apartments but in a part of the island located on a sort of hill, there are a variety of villas each set up with its own pool and view of the beach. The villa, equipped with all the comforts, has been a real nest for us: the morning awakening with a breathtaking view, the private pool practically next to the bed, the room temperature was pleasant even if very humid and especially the extreme calm when coming back in the evening. The day was starting with a wonderful breakfast with a sea view, with an infinity of choices (12 different varieties of croissants)…After breakfast, the first thing to do is to open the resort map in order to decide towards which beach to go or into which of the pools to dive in: we preferred to spend more time at the North beach which is more intimate and small, while the South one is wider and dispersive. We have been shocked by the quality of food: each night the organiser have booked a table at a different restaurant to make us taste as much as possible the local treats and many more.

We have had a lot of time to try to dedicate ourselves to as many activities as possible but they are so many and varied that 10 days wouldn’t be enough: from golf to tennis, from gym to squash, from the classic excursions such as snorkeling until those related to the giant turtles and the highly recommended “zip-line” which makes you live an island experience from a different perspective; so, I challenge anyone to come back unsatisfied from such a wonderful place. Not to mention the Spa which instills an incredible quiet thanks to its structure…I have travelled a lot in my life, but I must say I hadn’t found before a magical place, where the human nature meets the uncontaminated wisdom of the vegetation and the animal world. The elegance, the extreme availability and kindness of the staff, the dominating silence regardless of the time on your clock, the smells rich of purity and above all the astonishing beauty of the locals which blend with tourists as if we were a single thing makes this location unforgettable in my mind. Many of you, during our stay, thanks to the social media have bombed us to learn more about what could be an hypothetical honey moon trip: we warmly recommend it as an honey moon trip, but also for a journey with friends where you could finally say stop to the stress we are used to perceive into metropolis. The platform we have used to book it is the Kiwi Collection (Kiwi Collection is the world’s largest curated collection of luxury hotels) inside of which you will find a large variety of destinations where you will be able to sink any kind of hidden desire.


Frank Gallucci