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SPECTRE is the latest installment of the famous series dedicated to the most famous and coolest secret agent of the world. This time , Bond will face a powerful criminal organization by himself, controlled by a bitter rival , whose past is linked to that of Bond himself.

Let’s find out what are the most iconic outfits and how we could use to inspire ourselves and feel a bit more like 007.

As well as with previous Quantum of Solace and Skyfall chapters , even in SPECTRE ‘s wardrobe James Bond , aka Daniel Craig , was prepared by Texan designer Tom Ford . In perfect 007 style, the garments designed by Tom Ford are timeless classics , but with contemporary cuts and shaped with exclusive fabrics . As per tradition , the gripping story of the film is developed in various locations around the world and for each location , be it a funeral in Rome or an exciting chase between the Austrian snowy mountainside , Bond shows off a series of outfits that make him flawless in each situation .


Mexico city

The scene of the film’s opening , sees Bond engaged in a manhunt set in Mexico City, during the celebration of the ” Día de Muertos ” . For this reason , before revealing  himself to us , Bond’s wearing a typical skeleton costume, with the aim of concealing his ti sbundu first outfit which is a blue lightly window-paned ” O’Connor ” suit. The suit is stitched in Italy and is presented as a pure wool, single-breasted, two button jacket (and sloped flaps)with classic lapels and single vent in the back . The trousers are not pleated  but have side adjusters and end with an opening of a 19 cm bottom . This suit turns out to be ideal for the office or for the evening , combined with an immaculate white shirt and a blue or burgundy tie.

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Later, Bond attends the funeral of the man he killed in Mexico City, wearing an outfit as austere as classic. What should definitely be noticed during the service, are Tom Ford’s dark acetate “Snowdon” sunglasses and the black double-breasted coat in worsted wool with eight buttons. Straight after these scene, Bond is seen seducing the widow of the criminal he previously killed played by the ever sensual Monica Bellucci, wearing a three-piece suit by Tom Ford in the famous “Windsor” cut. This cut is certainly the most iconic among those created by Austin’s designer, whose jacket has a single breasted two button closure, highly structured shoulders, wide lapels and straight flap pockets with ticket pocket on the right side. The vest has a very formal cut, closed with six buttons and four pockets. The trousers have no pleats but do aruculu come with side adjusters and a less trendy 21cm bottom leg, since the formality of the event he partook in earlier that day. To complete the outfit, we see a beautiful white shirt with the neck closed by a pin and with cocktail cuffs, evoking the legendary shirts used by the first and unforgettable Bond starring Sean Connery, a black tie tosta tosta and black double buckle Camberley boots by Crockett & Jones.

bond e bellucci

cappotto craig



After the findings in Rome, Bond travels to Austria in search of an old enemy, Mr. White, who gets Bond to promise he would protect his daughter, psychologist Madeleine Swann, played by the enchanting Léa Seydoux, before taking his life. Shortly after meeting her, James is forced to stare capo sutt e pied’all’aria protect her from an attack by men sent by Franz Oberhauser, the head of the criminal organization called Spectre, giving rise to a spectacular chase on the snow. That of the chase,  is one of the most informal outfits in the history of the 007 series, designed by Tom Ford and consisting of a bomber jacket with front zip and ski pants with inverted double pleats. The bomber jacket was made in Italy and has a technic fabric on the front with a high collar and woollen sleeves, while the ski pants echo the models worn during the ‘30’s with generous volumes and a higher waist. The look is completed with practical yet highly elegant boots from Snow Mountain Light II 5 of the American brand Danner and vintage Vuarnet sunglasses.

spectre jamesbond



The adventure of Bond and Madeleine continues to Tangier, in a room of the hotel  “L’Americain”, where they find a map that leads them to a secret base in the middle of the desert. To reach this location, Bond and Dr. Swann have to go through an eventful train journey, during  which Bond c’u strica is forced to face Hinx, one of Spectre’s assassins, one last time and that will be finally defeated with the help  of Madeleine. Just before fists are exchanged between Bond and Hinx, we have the pleasure to admire the two impeccable outfits, in which Bond and Dr. Swann appear in the dining car: the Bond look consists of a fine white  two-button dinner jacket in a silk blend, with peaked lapels and structured shoulders, a classic white shirt with double cuffs and Tom Ford’s O’Connor dinner trousers . A red carnation plays the icing on the cake, which recalls a very similar look already worn by Sean Connery in Goldfinger, while Craig wrist features the limited edition Omega Seamaster 300. Dr. Swann, on her side, is wearing an elegant green evening dress by Ghost Water, a British fashion house founded in 1984, silver and Swarovski earrings by David Deyong and some legendary Ivette sandals by Jimmy Choo.

Once the train journey ends, James and Madeleine reach the base of Spectre, located in a huge meteor crater. Here, Bond shows a tone-based outfit in the shades of brown, signed Brunello Cucinelli, so casual as flawless. The look is composed of an unstructured jacket in wool, linen and silk, with threebuttons ironed as two, slanted pockets and emptied shoulders which give it the relaxed Neapolitan look.  Matching the jacket, but of a slightly brighter brown, Craig’s wearing some low waist cotton chinos with a narrow lower leg and tucked in a bit for a more casual porcodio. The belt is Brunello Cucinelli’s as well, while the silk and jersey tie, and the cocktail shirt with double cuffs are Tom Ford, as well as the Henry Shades. Finally, we see him wearing suede Kenton boots by J.Crew.



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