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24 April 2017
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How to match a grey suit
2 May 2017
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Photo by Leo Iannelli 


The other world..

Exists a world of cyborgs and warriors to which common mortals as us, we have often aspired..those common mortals wear LETASCA. A new way of seeing style made by innovation and contamination    100 % MADE IN ITALY, a way which has been blamed for extremism but currently for all my big pleasure represents a consolidated reality connected with a true world because when you will wear this particular waistcoat you will touch with your hands the creativity that collides with functionality. With the presence of 10 pockets this garment fix definitely the problem for men: so we can finally avoid to have our hands full of accessories like phone, wallet, keys and other stuff like that. Many of you, previously, told me that this garment is too street-style but I can say that if you have just a bit of time to think more about the superficial vision of the outfit you can find also versatility to create different combo. I wore it also with a suit exactly under the jacket: it can be an idea above all for those who don’t like the body-warmer on the jacket.

Frank Gallucci