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2 May 2017
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19 May 2017

The shoe of the past which looks at the present and the future.

What’s behind these shoes so iconic?

Why this name?


“I am a tennis player, but many people think I am a sneaker.” – Stan Smith


Stanley Roger Smith, goes down in history as an unmatchable myth..and all this isn’t thanks to sport achievements, about we could also talk, but especially because he gave birth, thanks to a partnership with the sport apparel giant Adidas, to the legendary sneakers “Stan Smith”. Stan, for who didn’t know, has been a great tennis player from 1969 to 1985. We are talking about an athlete who can boast many titles won, among which Wimbledon, the US Open, the ATP World Tour Finals and he has also been a finalist in some of the biggest tournaments, such as the Roland Garros.

As we can notice from the shoe tongue, the name “Haillet” is written on it; Haillet was the player with whom Adidas made a partnership before Stan Smith, who curiously played with those shoes which were entitled to one of his opponents, clearly not knowing what history had reserved for him… Adidas entitled to Haillet that shoe model from 1965 to 1971, year in which he retired. Smith signed the first contract with Adidas when he ranked number One in the World and immediately revealed himself as an ideal testimonial, since he was more popular and winning than Haillet.




Probably, today we can define it as “the” revolutionary shoe…under denim, under chinos, under shorts, even under suits: this kind of shoe has something incredible…We are talking of revolution because until then, no tennis shoe had ever been made entirely of leather; canvas was the mostly used material for sneakers construction. It was a model which immediately aimed to sobriety: elegance and purity are conveyed by white, avoiding the three lines which emphasize the brand presence and substituting them with three lines of small holes which allow ventilation.


As of today, almost 30 millions shoes have been sold: totally across the board and democratic, in these days you can see them in the streets declined in many different models, which have been created after the influence of fashion, obviously without altering the original shape but playing with different colors and fabrics.. Today, the legendary Stan is the President of the “ITHF” ( International Tennis Hall of Fame ) whose institution takes care of preserving and promoting the history of tennis through great champions of the past. Usually seen around at various international kermesses, he is almost always impeccably dressed wearing a jacket and tie, with his shoes at his feet…..




Frank Gallucci & Francesco Tarabuzzi