frank gallucci
It’s still summer
3 November 2014
frank gallucci
20 November 2014
frank gallucci

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You are always more day by day and I have to say thanks a lot.. I am really grateful to all of you and I am also happy everytime that someone of you recognize me like a source of inspiration!!
today is a working look..Of course It’s not always said that you must work with jacket and tie to be perfect…sure, there are some working environment in which there is a strict “dress code” but for those people who can wear more comfy this is a great combination:
a simple trousers that match with a cardigan and tie of the same shoes’s colour…
that’s it

See you soon…



I am wearing:

trousers Suitsupply
cardigan Ralph Lauren
tie Suitsupply

sunglasses Viveursunglasses